Released projects on vinyl

RD 24  Bedpost Oracle - Break of Dawn                      (DELUXE Cover with story and pictures) 

Bedpost Oracle started in 1967 in Southern California and released their first 45 “The Break Of Dawn / Love Isn't Dead” as a quartet with lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboards on Corby in 1969. In the summer of 1970 the band added a female lead singer to add dynamics to the band's overall sound. This line-up would become the better known Bedpost sound. They continued on playing cover versions of songs groups such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Grand Funk Railroad had popularized. Two more 45s were released including “Somebody To Love / Chest Fever”.

Their 45s are on side A. On side B a mind blowing Jimi Hendrix Jam from 1972 is included, where the band is at its peak

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RD 23  Intensity - Polamides                                            (DELUXE Gatefold Cover with story and pictures) 

Four Latinos from Puerto Rico doing progressive music was not common back in the early 70s. Intensity played in many places in New York, mostly opening for Salsa and R&B bands. They were heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix and also by the rock artists of their time, bands such as Gentle Giant, ELP, Yes, and many others, but they were creating their own brand of progressive rock.

 In 1973 they went into the studio and recorded. This music is the only evidence of the existence as a band that was ahead of their time, a time when music was more than melodies, it was their dream. This LP was transferred from the only known demo acetate in existence.

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RD 22  West Coast Natural Gas - Two's A Pair (DELUXE Gatefold Cover with story and pictures)
First ever release of this killer Westcoast psychedelic monster that took many years to be completed!!!
West Coast Natural Gas began life in 1965 in Seattle. In early 1967 they went to San Francisco to work for a local music manager named Matthew Katz.
Katz was the original manager for Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape and later It’s a Beautiful Day.
He talked West Coast Natural Gas into signing a contract with him but they didn’t realize at the time, being young and stupid. that basically they signed over everything to him.
They went to the studio and recorded some original tunes: A Favor, Go Run and Play, The Jumping Frog, Hashish, Water or Wine, Beyond This Place, and Two’s A Pair.
In early 1968 the band broke up and went back to Seattle. Katz released a single – Go Run and Play / A Favor on his S.F. Sound label under the name West Coast Natural Gas.
Later he released a compilation album - the first San Francisco Sound sampler - called “Fifth Pipe Dream”.
The four songs mentioned before, Water or Wine, Hashish, Beyond This Place and Two’s A Pair were the ones recorded by WCNG and relabeled by Katz as Indian Puddin’ and Pipe.
This superb release includes all the above mentioned songs, plus others from acetates.
As a big surprise another four never before heard songs recorded 1966 in a local Seattle Recording Studio before they went to San Francisco are included.

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RD 21  Fox - San Francisco Sessions (DELUXE Gatefold Cover with story and pictures)

An unreleased album from this post "DAY BLINDNESS" band, recorded in 1969/70. This album is a heavy bluesy psychedelic masterpiece of the highest order. It is virtually the second "DAY BLINDNESS" album with slight personal changes, but musically in a more heavy psychedelic direction. The lead guitarist Gary Pihl is well known today for being the guitar player of BOSTON. Here he plays an amazing psychedelic guitar and it reminds us in parts of the mighty MARIANI's "Perpetuum Mobile" album. Superb bass guitar by Johnny V. Vernazza and crazy drums by Roy Garcia, who later went to play with the legendary band GOLD (of Rockadelic Records fame!). Only one 45 single was ever released of those fantastic sessions on "Studio 10", and the single is mega rare these days. A treasure lost at the time which we are very pleased to present to you today!!! 
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RD 20  New Age - All Around  (with a 12 page insert)                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
(Pat Kilroy, Susan Graubard, Jeffrey Stewart)


This is what can be called one of the major sensations in the raga influenced “Psychedelic/Acid Folk” field. Also some of the earliest recordings in this genre and hitherto unreleased.

After the release of the "Light of Day" album in 1966 the now legendary Pat Kilroy and Susan Graubard went on with playing and creating music together. What you hear on this album is what they recorded for Warner Brothers in the summer of 1967, a true groundbreaking adventure of the highest order. They expanded in the direction they started in 1966 and the result is far beyond and superior to everything I heard from that time period before in this musical style except for Tim Buckley. No wonder that it didn't come out at that time because those recordings were for sure far too adventurous for Warner Brothers and also for almost other leading music companies at the time. Incredible - and I mean INCREDIBLE raga influenced Psychedelic/Acid Folk with some of the best songwriting I know of with monstrous lyrics and deep lead vocals. Also a wide range of instruments were played like incredible raga-esque acoustic guitar, electric bass, Spanish cowbells, bell tree, silver flute, bamboo flutes, viola, tamboura, conga drums, tables, acoustic and electric bass and tambourine. Pat Kilroy sadly died of Hodgkin’s disease in December of 1967 at a very young age. If this record had a proper release at the time, it would be a major classic and a milestone today in the psychedelic history book.

Be ready for an incredible musical trip along with an amazing, long and very intense story behind.


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RD 19  Prufrock - Visions (with a 4 pages insert)

Here is another lost and unreleased at the time Californian psychedelic masterpiece of the highest caliber from 1967!

Only a few (if even a few) acetate 45 singles where known by this incredible great band from the Ojai, CA area. The recordings for an album were done in the Two:Dot Studios in 1967. (The same studios the ARTHUR recordings and e.g. HENDRICKSON ROADHOUSE came from) and the acetates were pressed in the legendary “Gold Star Studios” the same year. The music is a mixture of superb garage folk, swinging London style garage pop and heavy fuzz loaded psychedelic to the max tracks with some incredible great eastern influences!

See the band's homepage 

RD 18  Peace, Bread & Land Band - Same

This was basically Sid Brown's band (ex Spike-Drivers). When he moved from the Detroit area to San Francisco he went to the Ali Akbar College of Music in Berkeley and formed Peace, Bread & Land Band. They made some recordings. After that the band moved north and released a 10 inch EP "Liberation Music" in an oversized envelope (full of 60's motives) and later on a 7 inch EP. They later changed their name to Peace, Bread & Land and made one album Sid is not very proud of. That's why he parallely did one record on his own: Modality Stew. The songs are from all periods with all the songs of the 10 inch EP.


RD 17  Mistress - New Ground

This was basically a follow-up band of COUNTRY WEATHER as a trio featuring Greg Douglass and Bill Baron. Mistress played all over the San Francisco Bay Area for the better part a year. They had it all going for them, the songs, the musicianship, drive, ambition, the right attitude, the fans, everything, everything that is except for time; they didn't give it enough before they called it quits. Their first gig was June 15, 1973 and their last was July 14, 1974 and in between there was a ton of fun and a lot of hard rockin'.
The first time lightning struck for Mistress was in 1996, when TaXim Records in Germany released their original album "Free Flyte". The second time that lightning struck Mistress is now, with the release of "New Ground", a new album of old music.
The music on "New Ground" is taken from some early rehearsals, demos and radio broadcasts. There are also tracks from Wally Heiders famed San Francisco recording studios. This was in the final days with their new drummer Chuck Burgi who had just replaced Bill Baron about a month before. This was all in an effort to streamline and make their sound a little leaner and meaner and it worked like magic, these are some of their hottest recordings. The insert includes photos of the band and the story told by the different musicians.


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RD 16  The Orkustra - Light Shows for the Blind               SOLD OUT



Here is what we would name some of the best, most important, unreleased at the time, historical and lost westcoast psychedelic recordings ever.

This legendary band includes none other that the famed Kenneth Anger soundtrack creator Bobby Beausoleil as well as a very young David LaFlamme, before starting his legendary band “It's A Beautiful Day”.
As for the music, we are talking waaaaayyy out tunes here!
This is the missing link between the Drone Avantgarde and the Hippie Scene symbolized by 2 people that couldn't be further apart.

The complete B-side features a single long tune which can best be described as Theatre of Eternal Music (the famed Pre-Velvet Underground La Monte Young/ John Cale Drone Band) meets It's A Beautiful Day.

On the other side you will find middle eastern influenced hippie psychedelic jams that will remind you of bands like the “BEAT OF THE EARTH”.

No gimmix, just a true slice of pure acid psychedelia. Sit back and enjoy a very bizarre ride.

Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl comes in a glossy cover with an 8 page insert wherein the story of the band is told by Bobby plus photos and an overview of Orkustra live appearances.



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RD 15 Country Weather - Same (Double LP)

Long awaited release of the best unsigned San Francisco band of the 60s!
Side 1 is the now legendary 1969 1-sided demo-only LP from the remastered mastertape.
Side 2 are studio recordings from the Church in San Anselmo, CA in 1971.
Side 3 and 4 are live recordings from the Walnut Creek Civic Center, CA in 1970.
The front cover was done by the legendary 60s poster artist Randy Tuten. The booklet includes hitherto unseen photos and the story of the band told by the different musicians.
Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl; comes with a heavy old style cardboard foldout cover and a multi page insert.

RD 14 Speed Limit 35 - Same 

Unreleased at the time recordings from 1970/71 by this band from North Carolina with member STEPHEN SCOTT ex Ladies WC, the legendary band from Venezuela. He was the main songwriter, bass player and lead singer on the monstruous Ladies WC album.

He joined Speed Limit 35 in fall of 1968 after his departure from Venezuela. The band also rehearsed in a club called "The Zoo" along with the legendary Christopher, that released their mega rare lp "What'cha Gonna Do?" on the Chris-Tee label.

The music on this album was recorded partly in the studio and partly live when Speed Limit 35 was the opening act for Steppenwolf in April 1970.

What you hear are fantastic long heavy psychedelic/westcoast styled jams with great guitar leads. It sounds like a mixture between Kristyl, Chirco and Tayles.

Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and an insert with a bio written by Stephen Scott.

RD 13  Arthur - In Search Of

Long awaited release of this psychedelic/acid folk masterpiece from the North. Arthur started his career in Toronto, Canada as folkie in the mid 60s. In 1969 he went to Colorado and recorded a 1-sided demo LP that surfaced some years ago in collector's circles. It was on Two:Dot, the same label that Hendrickson Roadhouse was on. Only a hand full of demo copies were released and sent out to major labels to get a record deal. This happened only later after he signed with Tumbleweed Records and released two albums as Arthur Gee.           

This first ever official release includes his complete demo lp, unreleased sessions and his mega rare 45 rpm both from before the LP and recorded in Canada.The music can be described as a mixture of Perry Leopold, William C.Beeley and early Pink Floyd (his 45 rm) which is pure magic.

Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and an insert with a bio written by Arthur.

RD 12  Mad Dog - Dawn Of The Seventh Sun


Monstruous & unreleased at the time heavy/psychedelic/westcoast artefact of the highest order. This is one of the five best ever promo only releases to emerge from California. Only released in a quantity of a couple of copies to get a major record deal that never materialized. Three of the songs were used in a low-budget biker flick called "Black Angels". The original demo lp had only a plain black label with no kinds of credits. We found this hidden gem looking for unreleased music by the band “The Zoo” of "Presents Chocolate Moose" fame. The original producer told us that a demo only lp was released by “The Zoo” after the “Chocolate Moose” album. The slightly different line-up had the name “Joyful Noise” (you can see a scan of the acetate in Hans Pokora’s 4001 record collector’s dream) but at this time they were looking for a tougher name to fit to the music and they found “Mad Dog”. Under this name a couple of test pressings were done. So we made a re-release deal straight away.The tape was sent for remastering and cover artwork. To our surprise the guy told us, after hearing the tape, that he knew the music and that it had already been re-released by another label without any kinds of info using the numbers from the dead end part of the vinyl wich was C1/C2! The C was for CAVETT, the producer’s name. Since the project was already paid, we decided to go on with the release to please collectors with an amazing remastering straight from the mastertapes,

Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and an insert with unseen pictures and a band bio written by Morgan Cavett.

RD 11  Arthur Lee Harper - Memories

In the summer of 2001 I was lucky to find Arthur Lee. He was very kind and sent me a first CD with songs he had recorded during the time of his two albums "Dreams And Images" and "Love Is The Revolution". Late December of the same year he sent me the second CD with more songs of that time period. In mid January 2002 I got a note from his youngest son that Arthur Lee had died the night after his wife was killed in a car accident. What you hear on this record is his legacy, authorized by his children.

Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and an insert with pictures and infos about Arthur Lee.

RD 10  Spike-Drivers - Folk-rocking psychedelic innovation from the Motor City in the mid 60's    SOLD OUT

The first incarnation of this band consisted of Marycarol and Sid Brown (both later in the Peace, Bread & Land Band), Ted Lucas, Larry Cruse and Richard Keelan (later in the band Perth County Conspiracy). They made a fantastic single on OM Records in 1966 and later went to Reprise to record some singles that are not up to the standard of the first. During 1967 they split and the three without Lucas and Keelan added Marshall Rubinoff and Ron Cobb. In 1967 they recorded some tracks that are featured on this album. Side 1 is Spike-Drivers 1 (with the two songs of the first single). Side 2 is Spike-Drivers 2.

Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and a large booklet with the story of the bands told by Sid Brown.


RD 9  Freedom Highway - Made in '68

The third record in the series of obscure bands mentioned in Ralph Gleason's book "The Jefferson Airplane and the San Francisco Sound" after RD7 and 8.

Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and an insert with an extensive story of the band.


RD 8  Transatlantic Railroad - Express to Oblivion

The second record in the series of obscure bands mentioned in Ralph Gleason's book "The Jefferson Airplane and the San Francisco Sound" after RD7.

Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and an insert with stories about the band.


RD 7  Haymarket Riot - Live '67

This band was introduced in the Cream Puff War magazine by Alec Palao a couple of years ago under "Berkeley, the class of '66". They started with Rolling Stones and Animals cover version but the material soon mutated under the growing influence of the psychedelic trend across the Bay. The beat stayed but the sound changed. They were featured at the legendary "First Unitarian Church of Kensington" shows in late 67 and early 68. The music here was recorded at this place in December 1967. Bill Graham sums up the Riot's illustrious, if low-profile, career. At their audition he said "You guys are one of the greatest bands I've ever heard, and you have absolutely no commercial potential!" Comes in a foldout cover.
RD 6  Bob Smith - Stop For A Visit Down Electric Avenue

Yeah, it's really the Bob Smith from "The Visit" album on Kent Records. And his real name is Bob Smith and he is in no way related to Garrett Lund! He later recorded two other albums - in 1971 and 1972 - that were never released. The release is a 3 LP box containing the formerly released "The Visit" album on Kent Records (2 records), a selection of tracks from the two unreleased albums mentioned before (1 record) plus the poster that came with the album on Kent Records done from the mastertapes in an edition of 600 copies. 


RD 5  Tina & David Meltzer - Green Morning

This is the album that was supposed to come out on Capitol Records in 1970 but was shelved due to management changing. David had a copy of the mastertape (the original is in Capitol's vaults) and the record will be done from that. This will be a 500 copies pressing and the story about the music, written by David Meltzer, can be read on the back cover. The music is a logical consequence of what was begun with "Poet Song" only that the recordings were done in a big studio.

RD 4  Bill Hill - Maps And Signs                          SOLD OUT

Bill Hill released an album in 1983 "Free Advice" which included some fantastic guitar tracks. on this album recorded shortly afterwards but shelved till now he continues to deliver high energy guitar work.


RD 3  Spann - Let The Hell Hang                         SOLD OUT

This is the hitherto unreleased third album by Spann, a Canadian three man tough blues rock band. After two records in 1979 ("Treat It Right" and "Rough Cuts"). they recorded the "Memphis Tapes" in 1980.

RD 2  Vikings Invasion - Vol 1                             SOLD OUT

This is a reissue of what might be the least known of the Swiss 70's progressive albums; hard & heavy Cream influenced trio that couldn't play the clubs then because due to the loudness of the music the windows would break. "Marshall heaven" from 1975.


RD 1  Kennélmus - Beyond Folkstone Prism       SOLD OUT

"Beyond Folkstone Prism" is less weird and more melodic than "Folkstone Prism" you all know by now. Eight songs were released under different band names as singles (Gray Ghost, Rande Bell Soup, Bob Narloch). Both records were from sessions held in 1970 through 1972 but because Ken Walker thought that releasing two records at the same time would be too much, "Beyond Folkstone Prism" was shelved until now.