RD Records - the label

RD Records is a Swiss label and dedicated to the lost and neglected music of the late 60' and the 70's: From psychedelic to garage to loner folk stuff.




We do the records and CDs together with band members and try to include a story of the band in our projects.


What we like most are the "wide open spaces" best defined by the music of early QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE, the GRATEFUL DEAD on their "Live/Dead" album, KAK and TRIPSICHORD MUSIC BOX.




If you played in a band at that time and had a record put out privately or on an obscure label in a small edition or if you did some recordings unreleased till now please get in touch. We could do something together.


Raymond Dumont

Mattenstr. 36

CH-5722 Graenichen



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